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Baccarat 168

Baccarat 168 is a luck-based game beloved by high-rollers in Asia and all over the world. If you’re thinking of giving it a try yourself, here’s how!

When playing the game of baccarat 168, the dealer or “croupier” takes care of most of the work. Just like in roulette, you place your bet before the action begins. The dealer then draws cards according to the rules of the game. This is the only point when the player can do some decision-making.

During the gameplay, the player will decide on the following:

  • You will select the position you feel will be the winner of the next round
  • You’ll also decide on the amount of your wager

Seems very simple doesn’t it?

Baccarat 168 Gameplay

After every hand, the dealer re-shuffles the cards and adds them to the shoe. In total the player hand receives two cards and the banker hand receives two cards in baccarat 168. Once all bets are made and both hands have their cards, the dealer tallies the totals.

For example, hands with a total of 8 or 9 is called a “natural”, and that hands receives no more cards. The winner is the hand with a total closest to 9. However, if it exceeds this number the first digit of the number is taken away, therefore, a 12 would become 2.

Moreover, each hand can receive an addition card after the initial draw. This third card must be face up.

Betting Options

One of the things that attract so many players to baccarat 168 is how few betting options there are. This keeps things very simple and offers great odds of winning.

For instance, these are the only possible bets you can make in baccarat:

  • The banker hand
  • Player hand
  • Banker pair
  • Player pair
  • Tie bet

Keep in mind that you can bet on more than one of the above options.

Understanding 888 Baccarat

Offering many different options has made baccarat 888 a favorite among players all over the world. We provide all types of players with betting limits, table styles, and formats that allow you to play how you want.

Table Style

At 888 Casino we allow players to choose from different table styles. Including the digital version or classic. These will have an effect on the game intro as well as the setting menu during the game. However, changing the table style will have no effect on the rules of the game.

Table Limits

Having the option to change between three possible table limits, means that you never exceed your comfort zone. You can set the limits from low, normal or high. This affects the betting and chip ranges. Additionally, it will also alter the game intro and create changes in the in-game menu. But not while a round is in progress. It also does not change the game’s rules.

Game Speed

Do you ever find yourself frustrated by the speed of the baccarat game you’re playing? This will not be an option at 888, where you can adjust the speed from normal to turbo mode while keeping the rules exactly the same.

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