Scr888 Player Hits $36, 267 Jackpot!


The dream of hitting a huge jackpot finally came through for a lucky Scr888 player from Thailand. Who hit a jackpot payout of $36, 267 recently!

One thing that makes playing slots far better than any other casino game is that you can win huge amounts. All for betting very little. Unlike games where you must be willing to risk thousands to win anything close to the tens of thousands you can win. For example, take the lucky Scr888 player who deposited $25 and ended up with this gigantic jackpot win.

The thing that players like Sunan, the winner of the above jackpot, love about slots is how easy they are to play. Moreover, when playing at betting sties like 888 Casino there are plenty of other advantages of playing them. For instance, you can claim no-deposit and deposit bonuses. Which are often complimented with free spins as well.

There Has Been an Increase of Jackpots at Scr888 and Other Casinos

More Thai players these days are choosing to play online at websites like Scr888. Rather than take the risk of visiting an illegal gambling establishment. Where they cannot be certain that they will receive payment when they win a huge jackpot.

As a result, the jackpots get bigger and online casinos are paying out more than ever before to lucky online users. But don’t take our word for it, a quick look at any of the leading virtual casinos will show you some incredible jackpots available. And more importantly, have a look at the winner’s board to see for yourself how much is being paid out.

Furthermore, you should be playing online, although they have the best prizes for the risk involved. Try 888 live casino, 888 poker, baccarat 888  and many others. For new and challenging experiences. No matter which games you’re interested in playing, you’ll find that we offer excellent odds of winning.

With Higher Odds Than Most Casinos, You Can’t Go Wrong With 888

888 Casino wouldn’t one of the first and best brands in the industry, if we weren’t showing our members as much love as they show us. After all, we understand that the main attraction of the game is to have a fair chance at hitting those jackpots.

Therefore, we make sure we can make that happen for you as much as possible, by raising the payout ratios of our games as high as we can. On average, our games have better odds than the average land-based and online casinos. As well as most of the casinos you’ll find online.

This is something we stand by at 888 and plan to do so as long as we’re in business. You’ll find extremely high Return to Player percentages on most of our games. This is why we said we focus on quality more than quantity. There are casinos with larger game selections than us, but you can always depend on every slot game 888 to deliver a high-quality experience and very reasonable odds of winning.

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